Xuzhou Wuhuan Machinery & Tool Co., Ltd, who combined with designing, manufacturing and exploiting new products, is a scientific and technological company with independent intellectual property. So far, the company and its partners have invested more than RMB 20,000,000 in patents. The annual output of Pneumatic Coil Nailer is up to100, 000 sets. The quality and safety of the product have past European GS test, and the product enjoy great popularity in America and other foreign countries.
  At present, the company has made great progress in innovation of new products. The company is applying itself to producing the products with high profit and large potential market, entering the competitive market on the basis of the lowest risk and highest income.
  The company is holding 10 pieces of patent of auto tools, more than 40 kinds of product techniques of 5 series. There are 7 kinds of auto tools in 2 series are manufactured and the main direction of sales is international market, and for the domestic market, with large potential as well, is being developed now and also will be done in the future. The technicians in the company are all working in the same field for nearly 20 years; they are full of specialized knowledge and experience. There are also several employees who are working for the company with master degree and high and middle rank title of technical post. The technician is 73% of the whole employee of the company and the average age is 37.8 years old.
.  The products of Xuzhou Wuhuan Machinery & Tool Co., Ltd is very popular and sold well in the international market, and is in great potential in domestic market. The thing should be pointed is the ZQ Auto screw Attachment gained the Silver Medal in the No.93 international invention exhibition of CONCOURS LEPINE in Paris in 2002. It is fully testified that our new products are accepted by international market. Our product is the auto artificial tool, which can change the traditional work and improve work efficiency and has a very large market potential.
  We are willing to share our patents, to share the risk and happiness brought by the market with all sincere and friendly friends.
  The Announcement on Intellectual Property Right
  Xuzhou Wuhuan Machinery & Tool Co., Ltd, processes the patent to use Pneumatic Coil Nailer. We will carry out legal investigation procedure to supervise the same kind of product and enterprise in domestic market. If we find any same production and sell with irrefutable evidence, we will carry out lawsuit according to the Criminal Law of our country.
   If the pirate lost, he will be sentence to more than three years and all the illegal income will be confiscated by court.
  Therefore, we advice the people and the enterprise who have violated right to stop immediately. Otherwise, they should be responsible for all the economic and legal consequence.

                 Xuzhou Wuhuan Machinery & Tool Co., Ltd
                   Legal Person: GanZhongGuang